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BC7RC’s goals include strengthening the economic well-being and the appearance of this area to make it a highly desirable place to work, live, shop, and play.


Welcome to the Bailey’s Crossroads Seven Corners Revitalization Corporation (BC7RC). BC7RC advocates for and supports revitalization in this important commercial area within Fairfax County’s Mason District.

BC7RC works closely with the community, including local businesses and residents, to accomplish our goals. In addition, the Mason District Supervisor’s Office and the Fairfax County Office of Community Revitalization provide critical support to BC7RC.

BC7RC meetings are open to everyone, so join us, become informed, and be a part of the process. To all who participate: you are vital to the community and to our revitalization efforts. Your interests help guide BC7RC’s programming, and your volunteerism makes a positive difference for all of us.  

BC7RC meetings address what’s important to the community. Topics include presentations on proposed development projects in the area, issues facing the community, beautification events and other initiatives, building repurposing, and transportation plans. 

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The Bailey’s Crossroads Seven Corners Revitalization Corporation (BC7RC) is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to support and promote the revitalization of the Bailey’s Crossroads and Seven Corners area within Fairfax County, Virginia through short, medium and long-term measures.  BC7RC seeks to encourage economic and community development, retain neighborhood identity through a public/private stewardship, and enhance the residential and business environment. Membership is comprised of a cross section of the community, including local business owners, property managers and residents.

Bailey’s Crossroads 7 Corners Revitalization Corporation, looking towards the future, has adopted a plan for ensuring that Bailey’s Crossroads and 7 Corners will continue to have strong, safe neighborhoods for its residents while creating new business opportunities as the area’s next urban hub.  BC7RC's accomplishments include encouraging improvement of parking areas, paving and maintenance of access roads, general beautification efforts, installation of sidewalks, landscaping and streetlights, recruitment and marketing to small and large businesses, and a voice in the development of the Mason District.

The BC7RC area is generating increased interest from developers, new business owners and prospective residents. The area is evolving into a substantial transit hub connecting Arlington, Alexandria, northern Fairfax County and Washington, D.C., making it a great place to live and work. The blend of residential, commercial and retail sectors within the area including an array of small businesses of diverse cultures makes for an interesting mix. BC7RC works with citizens, Fairfax County, and national and local experts in pursuit of an economically thriving and attractive place for businesses and residents alike. We invite you to participate in making this vision a reality.

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